180 minutes on financial leadership is an interactive talk session designed for graduate and undergraduate students to discuss the general financial concepts. This session gives students an opportunity to engage with experts from various fields and discuss any financial queries on topics that they might not otherwise be exposed to. It also serves as a platform for students to get an insight on real world practices in the financial world through presentations from a panel of experts and also an interactive open floor discussion session.

Students’ participation in this type of sessions sparks a certain kind of interest in the world of banking, insurance, investment and finance in general from the topics discussed within the program. In addition, hearing the contents from different point of views also helps students develop analytical abilities that is useful to them and can be directly implemented in their works.

Topics covered in the program:

  1. Money and Expenses
  2. Saving and Banking
  3. Insurance and Micro-Insurance
  4. Investments and Mutual Fund
  5. Entrepreneurship

Impact Location:

We have conducted this program in different colleges namely, Ace Institute of Management, Uniglobe College, Global College International, Ace International Business School, within Kathmandu valley and in Maryland College Biratnagar.

Modes of Delivery:

  1. PowerPoint Presentation of all 5 topics
  2. Panel Discussion / Q&A round