The community based programs are conducted on five different modules:

Banking Module
Basic Module
Investment Module
Micro Insurance Awareness Module
Insurance Module
  1. Basic Module
  2. This module includes direct interaction with various communities providing basic knowledge and spreading awareness on importance of general financial topics including saving, banking, reducing unnecessary expenditures, record keeping, insurance and micro insurance, etc. Different groups such as women, youths, children, marginalized communities, special needs groups, remittance sending and receiving communities, professionals of different fields, local representatives, etc. are targeted for this basic program.
    People of semi-urban as well as rural areas are targeted through this module. Since the audience for this program are categorized as basic level, we use approaches such as street drama, motivational speech, flip-chart presentations, informative songs, poetry and slam poetry, stories, etc. through a one-day, three hour program. We have conducted this program in several locations inside Kathmandu valley and in rural parts of the country outside valley.

  3. Banking Module (NRB Module)
  4. This is a specialized program designed in collaboration with Nepal Rastra Bank which is focused in spreading awareness on importance and need of banking. It includes topics such as types of banks, difference between saving and credit cooperatives and banks, individual vs institutional borrowings, currency, usage of ATM, cheques, and other various banking products.
    It is targeted towards the remittance receiving communities in rural parts of Nepal where basic financial knowledge is found to be lacking. Proper usage and channelizing of the income received from remittance is mainly focused in the program. This is designed as a one-day, two hour program. Till date, we have conducted this module in 5 districts all over Nepal, including Jhapa, Chitwan, Gorkha, Dailekh and Doti.

  5. Micro-Insurance Awareness Module (NIA Module)
  6. This module is designed in collaboration with Nepal Insurers’ Association focusing on the micro insurance products’ awareness. It is targeted towards the heavily affected areas during the earthquakes. Modes such as flip chart and pictographic presentations, interesting and informative songs and poems, motivational speech, and booklets distribution were used to deliver the intended messages. People of rural households were informed about the different products of micro insurance and were also encouraged to use them.
    We have conducted this program in 30 different localities of earthquake affected area and are currently working on executing the same model in other parts of the nation as well. The total duration of this program is one hour, where general awareness on the product and coordination between the audience and respective authority is also arranged.

  7. Insurance Awareness Module
  8. This module is focused on spreading awareness on the existence of various life and non-life insurances. Target audience are informed about the process of getting policies, payment of premiums, protection against various risks, making claims, and mistakes to avoid during claim.
    This program is conducted in different rural as well as urban parts of the nation. The total duration of the Insurance awareness module is two hours. Different modes of delivery such as PowerPoint presentation, audio and visuals presentation, insurance related stories and case studies, poetry, songs, etc. are used. Apart from general awareness, we have also designed special advanced insurance related training for professionals of different fields focusing on tax benefits from insurance.

  9. Investment Module
  10. The Investment module is a two hour intensive training based module targeted towards the general public to make them aware about the various opportunities in the investment avenue. In this program, topics such as importance of investment, concept of inflation, land as an investment vehicle, IPOs and Secondary market share investments, mutual funds, brokers and commissions are included.
    This program is conducted in semi-urban as well as urban areas for general public and also for interested individuals. To deliver the intended messages, we use different modes such as PowerPoint presentation, audio and visuals presentation, insurance related stories and case studies, poetry, songs, etc.