Entrepreneurs Nepal is the best place for sharing of ideas among the mutual minds. We have conducted panel sessions where professionals from different banking and financial sectors as well as students and youths be together and share the general and prevalent issues in financial market. We provide a platform where all the minds work together for a plan. We have till today conducted 7 panel discussions events.

Professionals from all the banks attend the event. We have frequent attendance from reputed investment companies, insurance companies and commercial banks. There is a good networking platform where people get to learn from each other.

We have conducted 7 panel talk events, 5 inside valley and 2 outside the valleys.

Diving the event into two modules, panel discussion and open floor discussion. This makes the program more worth as you can become an active listener as well as good executers. Moderator will handle the panel discussion and the open floor discussion helps to hear from each one present.

We encourage all the youths, youth professionals, student from intermediate,undergrads and grads to be a part.