The primary objective of EN is to develop Entrepreneurship through Financial Literacy. One of the most important components of financial literacy is Insurance. TO date, In Nepal Insurance has been isolated and shadowed. Only 13-14% of the population is in reach of insurance. Everyone wants to reduce risk or uncertainties in his or her personal or professional or business life as well. So, to reduce or minimize uncertainties and financial loss in life, only option left is of getting insurance. An insurance company will compensate for any kind of financial loss incurred within a policy associated with it.

In the light of this, Entrepreneurs Nepal conducts awareness programs to different groups of people (For kids, rural community, school, and college-based programs) to increase insurance awareness and how insurance helps them to be financially secured, and how they will be benefited if some uncertain incidents, (natural calamities, accident, health problem other uncertain events) occurs in their happy life. Insurance is one of the cornerstones for better financial planning. EN objective is to make insurance reach within every Nepalese Individuals.

EN has been conducting Micro insurance Awareness program in collaboration with Sakshyam Access to Finance and Nepal Insurers’ Association (NIA), which includes awareness about Micro Insurance products in rural communities includes crop insurance, livestock/cattle insurance, accidental and health insurance, Critical illness insurance, term life insurance, disability insurance, insurance for natural disasters, etc. Thus, to address insurance related issues. EN conducts various awareness programs by implementing different approaches as per requirement.