Finance seems to be an easy term for many people, but when it comes to define how to make financially literate people find it to be quite difficult. Thought process to be drafted into a project is a task which needs absolute dedication and hard work. Entrepreneurs Nepal dreams of financial independence. When there is flow of finances, everyone must have control over their money and expenditure. People having money in their hands but not knowing regarding finance management which Nepal is facing today. EN has been working in this area to see Nepal as financially literate country. People are becoming more aware regarding their finances in everycorner today due to financial literacy.

Entrepreneurs Nepal is targeting the program to remittance sending receiving community, students, elected local representatives and professionals of different fields.

We have been making quite efficient use of media to reach out the diverse geographical areas. We have been communicating with them through social networking and in reachable areas our team has been constantly setting the community based programs. We have a strategy of making every people aware on finance related general concepts.

The program mostly focuses on money management, sources of money, essential and non-essential expense, tracking expense and record keeping and finance goals.