Nepal is a land of abundant resources and opportunities. With a range of its world’s highest mountains, rugged rivers, unique concentration of bio-diversity and pristine natural terrains, Nepal has been ranked as one of the top ten destinations for adventure tourism. World Travel and Tourism Council data shows that Nepal’s tourism accounts for 4.3% of the national GDP and 3.5% of total employment generating 487,500 jobs in 2014.


The recent devastating earthquake that hit Nepal has jeopardized the tourism sector on a hard hit level. Post-earthquake, reportedly 80% of hotel reservations had been cancelled and an estimated 45,000 tourists left the country. There is a misconception build up among tourists that all the heritage sites, tourism destinations, and altogether Tourism in Nepal is not ‘safe’. This has created a ripple effect on the country’s economy and tourists’ enrollment in Nepal has been slower ever since. Thus, the major problem this project will be addressing is the hindrance to tourism sector due to the recent earthquake.

The tourism sector has substantial linkages that directly benefit rural economy, as locals get better access to revenues generated by local tourism. The most affected lifestyle on an economic basis is the rural areas where the major and in most cases only source of income is tourism. And the saddening thing is that these places have been affected by the earthquake at minimal level or not at all.


We have taken our initiation ‘One Minute for the country’ as the possible solution for the promotion of our country among the world.

This concept aims at involving every individual to promote the country globally by contributing a short span of time (that is one minute) for the country through social media. Usually everyday people get engaged in social media to spend their spare time. We target to utilize a small portion of the spare time for the promotion of the country which will benefit the nation and the nationalities as a whole.

Implementation plan

In the implementation plan, our initiative of ‘One Minute for the Country’ focuses on clarifying the misleading news about the tourism industry in Nepal post-earthquake and promoting tourism through social media. Our focus is to target the people in the social networking sites and promote our country globally. The possible means of promotion could be posting videos, sharing photos or trending the campaign in sites like Face book and Twitter. Basically, our motive is to showcase the beauty of our country by capturing the attractive destinations and breathtaking sceneries. By sharing videos and photos of tourist destinations post-earthquake and trending ‘One minute for the country’, we can grab the attention of the foreigners and make them feel safe to visit our country.

Similarly, ‘One Minute for the Country’ campaign also involves the concept of word of mouth in the implementation plan. The Nepalese and well-wishers over the world can interact with their friends and promote our country. All they need to do is make the foreigners feel that they should visit Nepal once in their lifetime to experience the beauty of our country. So, the implementation plan involves utilizing a small time period of 60 seconds for promoting tourism in our country.

Our Role in initiating the plan

This initiation will be majorly targeting the international audience assuring them that their visit to Nepal will be safely coordinated and that they will take home an experience of their lifetime even after the recent quake. Thus, we will remove their misconception, if any, that it is not safe to visit Nepal.

Our message to Nepali people living in different parts of the world is to let the other people know who seek world–class destinations to relax in, have an adventure in and to explore is that they will find what they are looking for right here in Nepal. For this we will be conducting campaigns and rallies on national as well as international ground to aware people about our project ‘One Minute for the Country’. Here, we will encourage people to participate in our project by telling them how they can contribute on a personal level in order to spread the word.