Independence and saving are synonyms of one another. Saving rate in Nepal lies at least position. Saving brings the image of future. It is one of the best way of planning for future. Today matters but we should make preparation of all the ups and downs moments that happens in life.

WE have always been making up in our mind that saving is the remaining amount after monthly expenditure which has now become very traditional concept. Why not flip the concept by a swap? What if saving is given major priority? Keeping some amount fix on saving and remaining as an expenditure is the best way of money use. You can keep it in a very safe place where you can access the money during the needs. Banking education is vital in ensuring effectiveness, professionalism and upgrading of skills. Banking has become one of the most dominant term in the economy market. EN intends to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate responsibly in the banking and financial services sector.

We address the topics like, importance of saving, ways to save, personal saving goals, products and services provided by banks, types of bank accounts, remittance, etc.