Established in 2014, Entrepreneurs Nepal (EN) was formed as a group of young energetic change makers from different fields such as banking, insurance, investment and entrepreneurship. In the due process of promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in Nepal, we realized, from experience, that most of the entrepreneurs face many difficulties related to finance. Most of their problems were related to financial decision making. This drove us to look into the topic of financial literacy. For almost two years we engaged in research activities to find out how we can help our community and improve the current scenario of Financial Literacy in Nepal. We developed projects and started the Financial Literacy Initiative. Under this initiative, we conduct various financial literacy programs targeting different groups and promote ‘Entrepreneurship through Financial Literacy’. We have worked in collaboration with Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal Insurers’ Association, Sakchyam Access to Finance, and other BFIs.

Financial Literacy is a must for the economic development and as we realized that it is important for professionals of all fields and it is thus, the backbone for our development. The framework presented below is the approach of EN to address the issues. With the regular four approaches: community-based programs, digital and published media, seminars and TOT, research and content development. EN has been able to create awareness and improve the standards in financial education.

Our work is diverse, and involves migrants as well as communities. We work in destination countries overseas, and in the Nepal. We provide financial assistance through savings and investment opportunities, micro-credit and financial literacy education. We assist in the incubation of businesses and the development of enterprises. We are involved in research of the issues facing migrants and poor communities in the Nepal, and our education and training programs provide our beneficiaries with the skills they need to increase their income. Our advocacy program enables our beneficiaries to have a voice, so their issues and concerns are communicated to government, private sector and the general public.

Our Vision

Dedicated to fighting poverty, unemployment, brain and muscle drain through large scale job creation by entrepreneurship through financial literacy.