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Financial education should be part of formal education system

In the due process of promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in Nepal, Entrepreneurs Nepal realized, from experience, that most of the entrepreneurs face many difficulties related to finance. Most of their problems were related to financial decision making. This drove us to look into the topic of financial literacy. According to a survey done by S&P, Global Fin lit Survey 2014, our country Nepal has ranked 136th, with a Financial Literacy Score of 18. We rank in bottom 10 in the world and the lowest among the South Asian countries.

Literacy rate of Nepal (Census 2011)
Financial literacy score in Nepal (S & P global Finlit survey 2014)

Entrepreneurs Nepal: Kids toward Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurs Nepal conducted this program in Orphan Children Rescue Center (OCRC), Durbar High School (DHS), Padhmodaya School (Putalisadak), Medha Higher Secondary School (Bhaktapur) and Sanchetana School (Dhobighat) to build financial skills among the children. At completion of each program we have been able to feel the enthusiasm of children on this topic. They seem to understand simple monetary concepts like saving, investing, remittance and insurance very well.  “Financial Literacy for Kids” has been a huge success so far.


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