What is financial literacy?

If an individual knows how to earn and manage money, then they are financially literate. This means knowing about sources and uses of funds, necessary and unnecessary expenses, budgeting, saving, banking, insurance, investments, inflation, interest rates, risk diversification, etc.

What is FIN-TEACH?

Fin-Teach is a signature program of Entrepreneurs Nepal, which aim to teach financial concepts to the students of class 6 to 9, 11, 12 and get their families members involved.

With the aim of addressing the existing financial literacy gap through a rigorous module, FIN-TEACH is designed as a practical oriented course delivery program. We have designed a course book for this project which is oriented towards both parents and child, which engages and impacts the entire family.

Financial teach is a field work where the people from the similar backgrounds will be embarking rural parts of Nepal. We will be conducting the field work in different areas out of valley where people have no general knowledge on what financial literacy really is.

How can I donate?

If you think that our organization’s effort is something where your investment will value, you are right. Your support is very vital to us. Please reach out to us to know more on what you are donating for. You can donate not only financial resources, but also other managerial and collaborative efforts in order to create an impact.

What is FLI Talks?

We have been organizing talk shows known as Financial Literacy Talks with professionals from various fields, youths and mutual minds. We talk about current issues in the financial world and try to implement their perspectives on our work.

How can I be Entrepreneurs Nepal’s member?

If you are willing that you can help us with the cause, you can contact us on contact@entrepreneursnepal.org. When you write to us, you can attach your CV and the letter of your interested. Apart from working with us, if you have any other queries you can directly contact us at the email address.

Apply here: https://entrepreneursnepal.org/apply/

How can I be a FIN-TEACH fellow?

If you feel that you are the right person for FIN-TEACH fellowship, you can email us your CV and a letter of interest at contact@entrepreneursnepal.org or directly visit our office at Jamal, Kathmandu. We are in need of fellows for FIN-TEACH. Your cooperation and interests does matter to us.

Apply here: https://entrepreneursnepal.org/apply/

Will Entrepreneurs Nepal conduct programs for our organization?

Yes, we would be happy to collaborate with your organization. Efforts when combined will help us expand our reach further. Please e-mail us on what grounds you want to collaborate.

How can I be a district committee member?

We are trying to reach every nook and corner of Nepal by making committees in different districts of Nepal. If you are interested in working as a member in district committee, you can first reach to us, send us your CV and interested field. We will then directly contact you.

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